domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

Going to the doctor’s

Going to the doctor’s

Going to the doctor’s is a dialogue, it’s also part of a bigger project called Health Coaching, in which we learn vocabulary about health, the benefits of doing sport, we chose apps that help you doing exercise, healthy routines and habits and modal verbs; we also learnt how to do a dialogue related to health and healthy habits, a medical consultation.

 This is the dialogue we made (the final product of the project):

Those are the Healthy Habits we learnt:

Those are the benefits we learnt about sports:

This is the vocabulary we learnt in the project:

Those are the apps we studied (in our group) that can help you doing sports:

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  1. Remember you have to give evidences of things we are revising in the project Bridge to the future that you have seen in other projects;that is, which vocabulary strategies, comunication functions, listening strategies, etc.can you find in any project?